** Wedding Brochure **


1.  How many guests can the Chapel hold?

The Chapel pews can accommodate 110 guests. Extra seating can be arranged at the rear of the Chapel for an additional 20 guests should the need arise.

2.  Can I provide my own music for the Chapel service?

You may arrange to bring in singers and musicians. Please advise your catering representative.

3.  How long is the Chapel service?

The Chapel service starts promptly on the hour and is approximately 25 minutes.

4.  What is included with the Chapel?

Old Mill Toronto provides a complimentary bridal change room, rehearsal time and access to beautiful gardens for wedding photos.

5.  Can we bring our own Officiant to conduct the service?

You are welcome to bring your own Officiant, however, you still require our Minister to assist the day of your wedding to ensure all official documents are completed accurately and to assist with the timing of the service.  A Minister’s Assistance fee of $210 will apply.

6.  Are there any rental fees associated with the chapel?

Chapel Rental fees are varied depending on whether you are having your wedding reception at Old Mill Toronto.  There are also fees associated with the Organist and Minister.  Please refer to your Chapel information guidelines in your brochure kit for specific costs.

The Wedding Garden

7.  How many guests does the Wedding Garden area seat?  What days do you book outdoor ceremonies?

The Wedding Garden can accommodate up to 150 guests for outdoor ceremonies.  Outdoor ceremonies are booked from May to September from Monday to Sunday. Saturdays are available on a limited basis; speak to your catering executive regarding availability.

8.  What happens in the event of forecasted rain or inclement weather?

A backup function room will be provided as an alternative.  Your Catering Executive will select the backup room based on availability.

9.  Is the Wedding Garden, wheelchair accessible?

We offer the use of an all-terrain wheelchair that will allow access via the park area immediately adjacent to the Wedding Garden area.  Please note that the only access to the Wedding Garden is by stairs from Old Mill Toronto garden area.

10.  Will Old Mill set up my flowers in the Wedding Garden?

You are responsible to arrange for the setup and removal of all flowers and other decorations following the ceremony.


11.  When do we discuss the final details of our function?

6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day we will call to arrange an appointment.  Please allow at least one and a half hours (1 1/2) to discuss your menu/bar details, your event itinerary as well as your floor plan.

12.  What is the room rental cost?

Room rentals range from $300.00 – $1500.00 depending on the size of the banquet room.

13.  What is the charge for linens?

Old Mill Toronto provides white tablecloths & white napkins complimentary.  Specialty linens can be arranged directly via our recommended supplier or through the Old Mill Flower Shop.

14.  Do I have to leave a deposit to book a function room?

A non-refundable deposit is required to book a function room. This is not a room rental charge. This deposit is applied to your final food & beverage bill.

15.  What are the payment terms for my function?

The balance of your function estimate is due 14 business days prior to your wedding.

16.  Can we put a room on hold until we make a decision?

Regrettably, we are not able to put function rooms on a hold status.

17.  Who will be the contact from Old Mill Toronto on the day of our wedding?

Your Banquet Captain will introduce himself/herself when you arrive and will be your contact throughout your event.  They will look after all the details of your function so you can just relax and enjoy your day.

18.  Do you have a safe place to keep envelopes received from our wedding guests?

We have safety deposit boxes located in all of our Bridal change rooms. Alternatively, if you have accommodation at the hotel you can use your in-room safe.  PLEASE ENSURE YOUR ENVELOPE BOX IS NOT LEFT UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME as the Old Mill Toronto is not responsible for lost or stolen items however caused.


19. What is French Service?

Banquet Staff serves the entrée meal on a pre-warmed plate at the table for your guest’s enjoyment.

20.  How long does each course take to serve?

Approximately 20-30 minutes per course.

21.  How many servers per number of guests?

One server is provided for every 20 guests.

22.  What meal arrangements do you provide for children?

Children’s meals are available or alternatively, children 12 and under can enjoy a smaller portion of the selected entrée.  The price accordingly will be 35% off the adult meal price.

23. What alternative meals do you provide for people with allergies or for vegetarians?

Our Chef can prepare special meals to accommodate your guests’ dietary restrictions and allergies.  This can be prearranged with your Catering Executive.

24.  Are candles allowed on the tables?

Due to fire regulations, open flame candles are not allowed.  Old Mill Toronto provides complimentary votive candles. Any candles provided by outside suppliers must have the flame protected.

25.  Do you allow outside catering on premises?

Old Mill Toronto must provide all catering with the exception of a Wedding Cake or Special Occasion Cake which may be supplied by the client.


26.  Can we bring in our own wine/alcohol for our function?

Old Mill Toronto does not permit wine/alcohol to be brought in for consumption.

27.  Even though we have a bar package, do we have unlimited alcohol and wine service for our guests?

The concept for the Bar package allows for easy planning and budgeting for your wedding function.  It is NOT intended to be an all you can drink event for your wedding guests.  In the interest of liability for you as the host of your wedding function as well as for Old Mill Toronto and its employees, we do NOT encourage unlimited drinking of alcoholic beverages.  Furthermore, the bartenders at Old Mill Toronto are SMART SERVE trained.  Accordingly, they have the authority to refuse service to any guest they believe has reached the point of intoxication.

28.  With our bar package, can our guests request double shots of alcohol beverages?

In the interest of liability to you as the host of your wedding function as well as for Old Mill Toronto and its employees we do NOT want to encourage excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages.  As such we do NOT allow double shots of alcohol to be poured.

29.  Is there a time limit on our bar package?

All bar packages are based on a five (5) hour basis.  For functions with an early start time, it may be extended by a maximum of one (1) hour for a total of six (6) hours.

30.  Can I extend the bar until 2:00 am?

Arrangements to extend the bar hours to 2:00 am can be made with your Catering Executive in advance of your wedding day.  An additional fee is applicable.


31.  Where can my out of town guests stay nearby?

We have an exclusive 57 room boutique Hotel & Spa on site.

32.  Is there a discount for the Bridal party and their guests to stay in the Hotel? 

For wedding receptions held at Old Mill Toronto, we are pleased to offer incentives for the Bride & Groom and their family and friends to spend their wedding night at Old Mill Toronto.  Please contact the Reservations Department directly at 416-232-3703 to learn more about availability, rates, and discounts when having your wedding here.


33.  What are the parking arrangements for my guests?

The Host may pay for their guests OR guests may pay their own.  Rates are $12.00/car for a daily rate or $2.00/hour.  Half of the estimated guest count will be charged should Host wish to pay for their guests.  Should guests pay their own, there are parking meters in the parking lot.

34.  How do I arrange for a Bridal change room?

Your Catering Executive will book you a complimentary change room. The key can be signed out at the catering reception on the day of your wedding with the Sales & Catering receptionist.

35.  Can Bridal parties not having their wedding here take pictures at the Old Mill Toronto?

Old Mill Toronto is for the exclusive use of wedding parties holding their ceremony or reception at Old Mill Toronto.

36.  Do you have an elevator for guests who have difficulties with stairs?

We can assist your guests via the service elevator and bring them safely to your function room.

37. What is the “SOCAN” fee?

It is a tariff for playing pre-recorded or copyright music at an event.  It is the obligation of the facility to collect this fee and submit to the Music Industry Association.  For more information, go to www.socan.ca