Paper Straw Initiative 

Along with many other environmental endeavours, Old Mill Toronto is pleased to announce that all plastic straws have been voluntarily removed from our Dining Room Restaurant and Banquet kitchens.

We encourage and engage our loyal patrons to join us in this very small, but crucial movement.

The facts on plastic straws are unfortunately devastating.

By the year 2050, Scientists predict there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Most plastic straws are too lightweight, and as a result slip through recycling machinery. The final product becomes straws in our oceans, breaking down into ‘micro-plastic’. 

Recent studies have determined these micro-plastics have already been ingested by much of our marine wildlife, and that mortality rates of these species will continue to decline at rapid rate if action is not taken.

At Old Mill Toronto we understand that straws are also an accessibility tool. We will have paper straws available upon your request should this be required.