Elvis Presley Tribute


Tim E and The Yes Men
Multi Award Winning Tribute to Elvis Presley  

It’s “The End of a Dance Era” at the Old Mill Toronto – a salute to 99 years! Relive the glory, the passion and the sheer joy of Elvis Presley! The Multi Award winning “Yes Men” together with Tim ‘E’, perform the most astonishing tribute to Elvis Presley you will ever see.

Enjoy a fabulous dinner and entertainment with some of your closest friends. Plus enter to win a Memorable Cunard Cruise!

Tim ‘E’ was recently crowned the 2013 KING OF THE WORLD ELVIS CHAMPION, on August 16th in Memphis Tennessee.  He is also the 2013 Philadelphia Elvis Festival Grand Champion, 2012 Toronto Elvis Festival Grand Champion, the 2010 Collingwood Elvis Festival Grand Champion and the 2011 Windsor Elvis Festival Champion.


Doors open at 6:00 p.m
Parking is Free
Tickets $15.00
Reservations Recommended 

Location: Dining Room Sept. 27th