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Join us for our 3rd annual Ukrainian Christmas Celebration at Old Mill Toronto.  Our glorious Christmas decorations and wood-burning fireplaces radiate a warm and festive atmosphere second to none! Enjoy the beautiful voices of the carolers as they sing Ukrainian Christmas Songs for your entertainment, what better way to celebrate the spirit of this Christmas with your family, and close friends.

This Christmas buffet will feature a selection of traditional Ukrainian Christmas dishes, such as; Assorted Salads and Platters of Pickled Beets, Pickled Mushrooms and Pickles, Buckwheat Kasha with Noodles, Pickled Herring, Smoked Trout and Smoked Salmon. Assorted Cold Cuts and Cheeses, Ukrainian Borsch and Garlic Bread, Cabbage Rolls, Kovbasa with Roasted Sauerkraut, Grilled Salmon Steaks with Tomato Dressing, Pork Patychky, Chicken Kiev, Carved Roast Beef, Carved Ontario Turkey, complemented with Roasted Red Potatoes and Root Vegetable Medley. Decadent Desserts such as; Ukranian Cheesecake, Poppy Roll, Honey Cake, and other Sweet Temptations. This and much, much more.

Lunch 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Dinner 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Price: $40.95* per person / Children 6 – 11 years $20.95*
Children 5 and under Free 

For Reservations and Information 416-207-2020
Reservations Required

* Are not included in pricing.

Gratuity Policy re Groups/Parties:
Groups/parties of 10 or more persons, 15% gratuity will apply.

Settlement Policy:
For groups/parties of 10 or more persons, only one bill will be provided for the entire group/party. Multiple credit card or other payment settlements will be accepted.

Reservation Policy:
For reservations of 6 people or more, we reserve and customize tables according to group size. A $10 per person credit card deposit is required to secure a group reservation based on the estimated size of the group. (The deposit will be applied to the final bill).

Cancellation Policy:
In the event that a group reservation is cancelled on the date the reservation is being held for, the full deposit will be non-refundable.