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Toronto based singer and songwriter MELISSA LAUREN has smoothly made the transition from veteran swing “crooness” to songwriter. The music – her own brand of old school jazz, Do-wap, and blues mixed with indie pop inflections and sounds – is very much a product of her early musical training meeting her adult musical encounters.

Her latest project, “The Little Ones” is an audience-crafted collection of songs. Curated after a series of house concerts and a Canadian tour, the repertoire consists of the songs that resonated most with listeners.  Songs include the gentle pop groove of “The Little Ones” a dedication to her three-year-old daughter in which she addresses her future loves, as well as danceable blues paired best with electric effects, and a torch song and Willie Nelson cover. The (unreleased) folk/pop “Eyes Open” was awarded runner up in the North American Song and Lyric Competition.   Pairing with her husband, guitarist Nathan Hiltz, the live show is charming, and calls people from all walks of life to trust their hearts to Lauren’s frank yet soothing word puzzles, and Hiltz’ deep grounding in rich harmony and supportive groove.  Melissa’s sophomore album, “Your Mess” was released to great charting and review across Canada. The first single released in Canada, “Send Them Away,” was song of the week on CBC radio in Toronto, and nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award. 

Melissa has performed at local and international music festivals and in leading clubs across the country.  Summer of 2018 saw her nominated for best artist at the Halifax International Jazz Festival’s Stingray Music Competition. While touring Canada has become a constant in her touring life, Melissa was thrilled to debut in Europe this Spring with shows in Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Poland.

This evening’s singing star MELISSA LAUREN features NATHAN HILTZ on guitar and DAN FORTIN on bass, entertaining in the cozy intimacy of the Home Smith Bar.