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Bass ace HENRY HEILLIG is co-founder and three-decade musical director of the world-touring, 10-album-recording, Juno-winning latin/funk/salza/jazz band ‘Manteca’, respected musical director for both the Genie and Gemini Awards, prolific music composer for film and documentaries, and founding leader of acclaimed progressive jazz band ‘The Heillig Manoeuvre’.

“Ladybug Waltz” the title track from Heillig Manoeuvre’s 2nd CD, “inmotion” has been in steady rotation on JAZZ.FM91 since its release in 2004.  The band’s latest recording, ‘But Wait, There’s More!’ is a collection Heillig describes as “…contemporary jazz that honors tradition…harmonically and rhythmically rich enough to intrigue the more serious jazz listener, while maintaining a level of melodic accessibility and groove to appeal to a more casual listener….smooth jazz with bite”.

Tonight’s all-star jazz quartet, ‘THE HEILLIG MANOEUVRE’, features jazz masters HENRY HEILLIG on bass, ALISON YOUNG on saxophone, STACIE McGREGOR on piano, and drummer CHARLIE COOLEY, entertaining in the up-close-and-personal ambience of the Home Smith Bar.