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Brilliant young guitarist and composer DANIEL BADO was recently awarded JAZZ.FM91’s prestigious Mary Alice Stuart Award which recognizes ‘outstanding emerging jazz artists who are completing their studies at the post-secondary level’.  He is also recipient of York University’s 2019 Ella Fitzgerald Award for Jazz Performance and the 2019 Marlon Lower Prize in Composition.

First accepted into York University’s jazz program in September of 2015, Bado has also studied privately under renowned jazz guitarists Roy Patterson and Lorne Lofsky, and jazz composition under esteemed Canadian composer and drummer, Barry Elmes.  He has also studied with and played in ensembles at York University under Frank Falco, Mark Eisenman, Kelly Jefferson, Kevin Turcotte, Al Henderson, Barry Elmes, Brian De Lima, Casey Sokol, and Mike Cado.

In addition to his electric group, Badoism, playing modern and contemporary jazz, Daniel  leads tonight’s stellar acoustic quartet, giving their own treatment to beloved jazz standards and some original material. The members of the DANIEL BADO QUARTET quartet are JEREMY WORDEN on tenor saxophone, LEIGHTON HARRELL on upright bass, and SAM RUTTAN on drums, the talented foursome who comprise ’The New Jazz Generation’ ensemble entertaining at the Home Smith Bar this evening.