Over the past year, our communities have been having to deal with some rough times. Nevertheless, our time spent inside has been beneficial for a few reasons – one being our environment!

Two years ago, Old Mill Toronto took a pledge to be a committed ambassador to the beautiful life that surrounds us every day. Today, we are still paving our way to an eco-friendly world with our ever-growing beehives. We now have two thriving hives with over 100,000 honeybees.

With 2 Queen Bees and their workers flying through the Humber valley, we have just harvested our third batch of honey.  With linden and basswood, mayapples, and other beautiful plants nearby, we’re excited to taste the new batch of honey – you never know what the bees are going to get into.  That’s the exciting part of having your own hives and harvesting your own honey…

If you want to know more about our pledge to helping the environment, and the delicious side-effects of housing the humble bumblebee, you can find all the info here!