Planning your wedding can be very simple or very complex. The hard part is over, you’ve found the love of your life! Your wedding is a celebration of you both, reflecting your combined style and taste and should be a fun process to plan together. Many things need to be decided, from the number of guests to invite, to the location, food service, entertainment, invitations, decor, photographer & Wedding flowers.

Before settling on a particular venue, you should have a sense of your guest list  as this will help dictate what size room is required. It’s always a good idea when possible, to view the room while it’s set up for a wedding reception or similar event.  This will give you a better idea on how the room “flows” with a particular set up to determine the best location for your head table, dance floor, table set up etc.

Once you have selected your reception venue there are many questions to ask, however, your venue of interest probably has their own list of FAQ (frequently asked questions). Everything from what items do you need to rent to what do they provide, i.e. tables, chairs, chair covers, linens, special glassware or plates, when can you set up the room, do they allow next day access for retrieving personal items? on and on…

Entertainment is a big decision! Do you have a live band or a D.J.? Should a jazz trio play during guest arrival? what about music for the all important walk down the aisle? The  reception venue you select may dictate what you can accommodate. Is there a stage, how big is the area? Does the wedding venue have a sound system? Is there a dance floor?

Should you select a buffet option or a sit-down service? If you choose a buffet option, it’s always a good idea to see where the buffet line can be placed in your room. Will the wait staff be able to serve from behind the buffet table? If your buffet is for 50 people or 250 people, of course, the setup structure of the buffet line will be very different.

Often one of the last things but not of least importance is the restrooms, change rooms, coat check, parking, and security.  Where is the location of the restrooms in the wedding venue? Do they provide bridal change rooms? Does the venue offer coat check services? Does the venue offer valet parking or self-parking? Does the wedding venue have its own security staff?

It’s a very exciting time for you and your family and with so many decisions to make from the all-important selection of your bridal gown and your bridal party to the ultimate wedding ceremony and honeymoon. However grand or intimate you want your wedding day to be the Old Mill wedding executive team will create a wedding package to fit your bridal budget and help make the planning of your wedding  as simple as saying “I do”.

Have the day of your dreams with a romantic wedding at the Old Mill Toronto, and enjoy a lifetime of memories.