Why You Need A Romantic Getaway


Indulging in a romantic getaway at the Old Mill Toronto is the perfect way to escape the city for some much needed relaxation with your significant other.  Romantic Getaways are all about the romance, while getting cozy by a fire, luxuriating in spa services, or just soaking up the memorable, unique setting of your surroundings.

Other than relaxation, there are many reasons why couples should think about going on romantic getaway weekends. With today’s fast paced lifestyle, spending quality time together is often difficult to achieve.

Many couples that are overwhelmed with their own career and job are often compromising their relationship with each other.  Setting aside quality time for a romantic getaway can make your relationship much stronger.  

Spending good quality time together reconnecting with the person that you love gives you a chance to relax, unwind and helps you regain the balance and focus in your relationship. A change of scenery and time alone allows you to reconnect with one another while enjoying each other’s company. It’s just you and your partner with plenty of time to talk about the important things in your lives. It heightens the intimacy and keeps the romance alive.

Sharing a romantic getaway together creates lasting memories.  The gifts of love and sharing quality time is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to your significant other. Relationships are about spending quality time together and bonding.

The Old Mill Toronto’s ideal location invites you to Escape The Ordinary, where your Romance Package begins the moment you enter the lovingly appointed tranquility of your luxury accommodations. No detail has been overlooked to help take you ‘away from it all’. The luxury king-size bed strewn with heart-shaped rose petals, wine, signature truffles, lush bathrobes, and deep-soaking jacuzzi tub for two invites you and your loved one to begin your revitalizing escape by sinking into a candlelit bubble bath.

 A Romantic Getaway allows you to focus your attention on the present moment while you reconnect with each other, and with a little effort, you can bring that same level of mindful awareness to your time together on a daily basis, outside of your getaway.