Green Key Eco-Rating Program

Old Mill Toronto has shown national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through wide ranging policies & practices. We participate with the Green Key Eco-Rating program which is a rating system designed to recognize hotels for improving their environmental performance.

Mature programs have been put in place that involve management, employees, guests and the public to teach and encourage them to protect the environment and keep energy consumption to a minimum, which has shown substantial & measurable results.

We believe global warming poses a significant threat to our planet and are committed to addressing this issue within the context of our GREEN initiatives.  Old Mill Toronto is committed to improving our environmental awareness and improving our carbon footprint!


  • Replaced incandescent light bulbs with energy saving bulbs in our guest rooms.
  • Replaced fluorescent lighting with electronic ballast fluorescent lighting in the kitchen, back hallways, and storerooms.
  • Installed light sensors to control outdoor lighting.
  • Installed motion sensors in our meeting rooms, washrooms, and storerooms.

Energy Savings

  • Implemented a Johnson Energy Management System for heating and air conditioning.
  • Installed programmable digital thermostats in every guestroom.
  • Installed electronic pilots on gas stoves to allow kitchen staff to turn off the gas.
  • Installed a kitchen exhaust management system.

Water Savings

  • Replaced traditional toilet tanks with low consumption water saver flush tanks.
  • Introduced low consumptions water saver flush tanks in guest rooms.

Organic Waste Solution

The U.S. & Canada send 106 billion pounds of food waste to landfills each year, and the decomposition creates Methane gas which is 21 times more harmful to the environment then Co2 emissions. We have implemented the use of the Orca Green Machine to reduce our food waste disposal.  Feed the Orca, not the landfill!

Environmental Initiative

  • Eliminated pesticide usage on our grounds and gardens.
  • Practice recycling of cardboard, glass, cans, plastic and organic waste
  • A smoke-free property
  • Provide bicycles, walking maps and information on public transportation.
  • Reduce packaging with produce suppliers to avoid cardboard usage.
  • Reduce usage of environmentally-damaging products such as bleach and drain openers.
  • Implemented a recycling committee to oversee our recycling program.
  • Provide excess guest soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash products to a charitable organization called Clean The World that sends unused portions to impoverished people around the world.
  • Implemented re-usable foam soap dispensers in every hotel room.
  • Create an annual group of volunteers to clean up the Humber River Valley on Earth Day.
  • Do not serve endangered fish species and are a member of the Seafood Watch Program.

Old Mill Toronto continues to make conscious decisions on how we are doing business today to impact the world tomorrow. Over the past few years, we have been developing and promoting policies to reduce our impact on our Environment and will continue to seek new ways to proactively green our operations because we believe our efforts move us closer to a clean and healthy future for our planet.