Keeping your audience engaged, energized, and ready to learn can be a bit of a challenge but a few key inclusions will make all the difference with your meeting engagement and efficiency leading to a more pleasant and productive meeting environment.

Once your budget has been determined, your meeting venue location selected, accommodation availability, healthy food and beverage selections, and downtime activities planned you can focus on keeping your audience inspired, which is essential in making your meeting successful.

Natural Lighting
Meeting rooms with windows that offer natural lighting provide a refreshing environment that can keep attendees energized and engaged while also connecting them to the outdoors.

Mini Breaks
It is recommended that for every 50 – 90 minutes of seating you should be given a 10-minute break opportunity to move, stretch, smile and get energized and focused.

Healthy Snacks
Too many carbs can cause low blood sugar, resulting in mid-afternoon sleepiness. Fresh Fruit, yogurt, granola, red peppers with hummus all provide sustained energy. Make sure to always include vegetarian options.

Moving Meeting
A fun and productive alternative to regular meetings & events where you can incorporate physical activity leaving you feeling productive and refreshed. Use the walking meeting option as a break-out session for small groups to discuss a suggested meeting topic. 

Standing Meeting
Try holding your shorter meetings as standing meetings. Standing burns 30-40% more calories than sitting for the same amount of time. Your meetings get more efficient when you stand, so you’ll need less time to get through your agenda. 

Practice Meeting Efficiency
Effective, efficient meetings contribute to our health by creating a greater sense of engagement and improved well being leading to more productive meetings. Plan for success, create great agendas, technology is turned off, start and end on time! 

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