There are a lot of ideas to choose from when it comes to the type of Christmas party that you can plan. The location, budget, numbers attending and how much you want to be directly involved in planning and managing the event also comes in to play. However, the most effective way to plan a successful office Christmas party is to first understand the goal behind the event.

1. Are you using this as a motivational event?
2. Do you want to hand out awards to employees in recognition of performance?
3. Do you want to say thank you to everyone and Celebrate?

When you know what your goal is it will help you get started on organizing things into place, as good preparation can help it run as smoothly as possible. Don’t go at it alone, you need to assign a team to help plan the Christmas party. This will allow the event to be the result of multiple perspectives and will make the party planning workload more manageable and allows you to enjoy the event as well.

The top key initiatives to begin with are;

1. Set a preliminary reasonable budget
2. Select the location for the Festive Party
3. Select the menu for the Festive Party
4. Select the entertainment, decor, gifts and if necessary the awards.

Remember to consider the time and location, it should be a place that is suitable for everyone. Is it close to public transportation, is parking included, do they have overnight accommodations? Whether your hosting a cocktail party, a buffet, or a sit-down meal it is easier to have a theme which sets the tone of the event and gives you a starting point when selecting your menu, entertainment, and decor.

Knowing your budget will determine how much you can spend on food, entertainment, room rental, decorations and other items you may wish to purchase. For smaller workplaces there are shared party nights, where you buy tables at a large off the shelf’ Christmas party, sharing the event with a variety of other companies. This is ideal for those that want the atmosphere of a larger event, but don’t have the budget, time or enough guests to put something bespoke together.

When you find a location suitable make sure you discuss room rental costs and what is included in those fees.  Do they provide security for your event? Do they provide bartenders? Do they provide linens, plates, napkins, and silverware? Do they have in-house Dj’s? Do they have any festive decorations? Take advantage of everything they offer for free to help with your budget.

As you get closer to your date it’s a good idea to make a critical path list, tracking all the details big and small. Make sure you have covered all the time-sensitive details and double check your list to make sure you have not forgotten anything.

Also, think about planning some activities during the party, nothing is worse than walking into a decorated room with tables full of food and employees hiding in every possible corner. As awful as icebreaker games can be, you need to find a way to inspire your employees to interact with one another.

A slideshow of memorable moments from the year can give shy employees something to focus on. Everyone enjoys a photo booth, which will give you images to post on your company blog or at next year’s holiday party.

When you make the organizational experts at the Old Mill Toronto an integral part of your planning team, you can be confident that together, we will accomplish your every objective for a successful Christmas Party.

After the Christmas party don’t miss the opportunity to send a short survey asking your guests for their feedback. The information you receive will be a useful resource in helping you plan a successful Christmas Party the following year.